5 great things to do with lemons!

Do you also know the famous saying “sour makes fun,” and do you think that curmudgeon should eat more lemons? If so, then you have fallen for an incorrect statement:

The ancient folk wisdom comes from the 18th century, and there it was called “lusty” – that is, make something fun, have an appetizing effect. And that is exactly the case with many acidic foods; they stimulate the flow of saliva, promote digestion, and make you want to eat.

But the universal genius lemon can do more than just be sour – we have tested the five best tips and tricks with yellow citrus fruit for you!

Tip 1: Homemade lemonade

The juice of a squeezed lemon mixed with one liter of cold water makes a delicious, low-calorie soft drink without any artificial additives.

To get more juice out of the lemon, squeeze and roll the lemon back and forth on the work surface a few times before squeezing. And if you hold a small sieve or a coffee filter or a piece of kitchen paper under the lemon, no stone will fall into the soda.

Please do not throw away the seeds; they could become the basis for your own orangery (you can find out more about this in tip number 5).

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