About us

Our mission is to create new experiences which are safer and funnier for Facebook users.

Fun App is defined as “The best website for Facebook apps in the world”. This is a product of Ylinkee - a start-up company. We develop and create Facebook apps for their user to entertain and experience interesting things. Apps on Techscos.com are created in different styles. Some are simple, some are unique and special. Moreover, Fun App exprect to make people around the world have a great time when using Facebook.

Base on foundation of knowledge and diverse experience about social life as well as social network Facebook, Techscos.com is believed to bring up lot of fun, exciting experience for Facebook users. Besides, in the near future, Techscos.com always aim to support the online community, create interesting Facebook applications, update all the latest news and help the community earn legitimate incomes based on applications, entertaining products made by Techscos.com


Fun App‘s mission is to create new experience which are safer and funnier for Facebook users.


Fun App will be a technology vanguard in develop social network and entertaining features on this website. It is also a reliable link between users and social network information, between the business and users.



We ensure that Fun App always maintain its mission.

We ensure that all the terms and process happen in the right way.

We esure the clarity in cooperation with business, partners and customers.


Being creative and automated continuously is our competitive advantages at Fun App


Respecting each other in an organisation is the key factor in Fun App‘s working environment.

To respect users and give them the best quality are among the main purposes of all products which Fun App created.