August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

August hasn’t announced a new product in the last few years, but in the meantime, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock announced at CES in 2020 has started selling. August’s new flagship product, August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, replaces the previous generation August Smart Lock Pro, the latest generation of the company’s connected locks, and is a feature-packed model. The design has been improved and Wi-Fi is also installed. August has been the driving force in the smart lock market with locks that easily replace existing thumb turns and deadbolts, but this August Wi-Fi Smart Lock has been improved in every way to further boost its reputation. It has been subjected.

Design of August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

August’s design, with Yves Bihar as one of the co-founders, has been highly acclaimed. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock was also designed by Mr. Bair, so it has a very August-like design, but the appearance and texture when touched are even better than before. The satin-like nickel finish type reviewed by the author is also fashionable and luxurious (black can be selected), and the unique touch of the outer edge that is gripped when manually locking and unlocking is also comfortable. In addition, a slightly raised “pointer” has been newly added as a new function that allows you to tell at a glance whether or not the lock is in progress.

However, the biggest change from the design of the previous generation August Smart Lock Pro is that it is considerably smaller. According to August, the volume ratio is actually reduced by 45% and the depth is reduced by 20%, but the difference can be clearly seen. The Smart Lock Pro was so large that it couldn’t be attached to some doors. As a result, the miniaturization has improved practicality and functionality, but it has also improved the appearance considerably, making it more familiar to the interior and exterior of a house.

One of the reasons why we were able to achieve such miniaturization even with built-in Wi-Fi is that we adopted a CR2 battery. Compared to the AA batteries used in Smart Lock Pro, there are quite a few stores that sell them, but they are still easily available at drug stores and Amazon.

Other than the size, the design is wonderful, and you can easily lock and unlock the door physically by turning it by hand. It is as easy to install as the previous generation, and can be installed even if you are not particularly dexterous. It even comes with masking tape that temporarily secures the other side of the lock when removing the thumb plate, and if you look at the dedicated app, you can use the included adapter of any size depending on the manufacturer of the existing dead bolt. It’s easy to see how. When

Function of August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

The core of August’s technology is the ability to lock and unlock doors from a smartphone. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock has built-in Wi-Fi, making the technology much easier to use than ever before. Since August’s conventional products only supported Bluetooth, it was necessary to purchase a separate Connect dongle as a bridge to connect to Wi-Fi, plug it into an outlet in the house, and connect to the lock with Bluetooth.

Since Connect is no longer required, if you connect the Wi-Fi Smart Lock to the Internet during setup, you can operate the lock from anywhere with August’s smartphone app. You can lock and unlock the door from your smartphone screen at any time online, and you can use many other functions such as giving other people the authority to operate.

August products allow you to provide your friends with virtual keys by email (friends who use virtual keys also need to register for an account). This feature is useful for Airbnb hosts, as it can be revoked from anyone who no longer needs to operate the lock. It’s also useful if you want to ask your neighbors to feed your pet at home (when you’re ready to travel again), or if you want your family to stay at home when you’re away. It is. In addition, since this feature can be shared with the housemate, the housemate can be set to be the owner with unlimited operational and administrative privileges.

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock also has an automatic locking function. It can be set to lock automatically immediately after closing the door or after a certain period of time. To use this feature, attach the included DoorSense magnetic sensor to the door frame during setup.

Performance of August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock has been redesigned to include Wi-Fi, but its core functionality hasn’t changed much from traditional August products. August products also support voice assistants such as Alexa, Google Home, and Home Kit. It is possible to unlock with a voice command, but in that case it is designed so that the authentication code must be registered with a dedicated application.This is to prevent tampering, such as someone talking loudly to Alexa from outside the door to unlock it.

In addition to the option to receive push notifications when locked or unlocked, you also have the option to save all lock usage history, such as door open / close status, manual / automatic / remote lock / unlock history, etc. it can. You can rest assured that you can see who entered your home when and how.

Comprehensive evaluation

August, which has been making connected locks for many years and has been highly acclaimed, was bought for its achievements and was acquired in 2017 by AssaAbloy, one of the world’s leading lock makers with numerous brands. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, the first new product after the acquisition, is a product that makes you feel that August’s unique product development capabilities are still alive and well. With its easy and quick installation, ergonomics, beautiful design and high compatibility, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is a very good smart lock. In particular, the automatic locking / unlocking function greatly changes daily outings, from running to walking the dog. It’s amazing how fun everyday movements can be with just a few useful features.

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is available on and Best Buy and costs $ 249.99. It will be on sale at other retail stores from May 17th.