Best Tricks For How to remove a gum

Stepping on gum in the street or sitting on top of one is bad, but removing it from clothing can be a nightmare, since it is not easy to take off. However, worse is that it gets stuck in the hair. These gums can become a real headache when you have to remove them, since it seems that nothing can get them off. If this ever happens to you, do not give up your garment (or your hair), since there are some homemade tricks with which you can take off, and that we will tell you below.

Peel off gum from clothing

If a gum ends up stuck to your pants or blouse, perhaps these simple tricks will help you remove it without damaging the garment. One option, if the gum is still not very sticky, is to rub it with an ice cube until it hardens, and you can remove it little by little by pulling it carefully. You may also need to scrape a bit with a knife to peel it off fully. This ice trick can also be used on home textiles like rugs, cushions, or sofas. If the gum is already very attached to the tissue, with the ice, you will not be able to remove it, then try the opposite: heat. To do this, pass the hot iron over the area where the gum is putting in between a little greaseproof paper or parchment paper to protect the garment. With the heat, the gum will gradually peel off.

If you cannot eliminate it with these tricks, there are other more aggressive options, so we recommend that you use them only on non-delicate garments. One of them is to use gasoline, applying it directly to the gum. This will dissolve it, and you will only have to put the garment in the washing machine to remove the remains (and the gasoline). If you use this method, you mustn’t have a source of heat nearby, since gasoline is highly flammable. Also, you shouldn’t rub the garment either. Another option is to apply a little white spirit with the help of a scouring pad, then rubbing the garment delicately and, finally, putting it in the washing machine with the powder you normally use.

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