ESHOP Announces the World’s First Decentralized (DeFi) E-Commerce Revolutionary Token

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ESHOP uses blockchain technology to simplify and standardize the online shopping experience.

Cryptocurrency is increasingly becoming a defining feature of the digital world. As the popularity of cryptocurrency increases, platforms have opened up to use cryptocurrency in a variety of markets, from hiring service professionals to making money through memes. ESHOP is a pioneer in this cryptocurrency space, using the ideas of decentralized finance to create the world’s first blockchain E-commerce token.

With the ESHOP token, users can buy from many major E-Commerce website or ESHOP’s own E-commerce platform. The platform operates on the Ethereum network and has plans to launch its own exchange, developer terminal, staking, farming, and mobile app in the future. Users can buy the ESHOP token now in the ESHOP ICO (Initial Coin Offering) for an opportunity to see the value of their assets go up significantly as the platform launches more parts of their overall cryptocurrency ecosystem.

ESHOP offers a community-driven decentralized finance (DeFi) token. The benefits of the project grow each time a transaction is made. 3% of each transaction is burned, causing deflation of the token that leads to increased value for holders as the token becomes rarer. ESHOP will also use 2% of each translation to fund marketing and development, improving the project in order to create more opportunities for holders. ESHOP also have functionality of Automatic 5% to Liquidity Pool that means 5% of every trade is used to increase the liquidity pool. This tokenomics model allows the ecosystem to grow based on community engagement and create greater possibilities for its users.

The ESHOP token is an all-around solution for decentralized e-commerce, offering efficient, secure, and user-friendly solutions for users in this digital space. ESHOP is international, combining e-commerce sites and users around the world in order to create the most possible options for consumers. The project is fully transparent in order to ensure community trust, and scalable, offering opportunities for users to earn as the project develops.

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