Four Reasons to Consider UK for a Abroad Study

Why study in UK — The UK is one of the world’s most popular study destinations for scholars each over the world, and also in India. In fact, according to the UK Home office statistics, the number of Indian- pupil enrolments in UK universities have increased by 42 percent in the last one time alone. The recent change in post study visa rules by the UK government thus comes as good news for lakhs of Indian scholars who aspire to study abroad, and more specifically in the UK and those who wish to stay longer after their studies can now do so, in order to explore and observe the UK request, or indeed work there.

Consider UK for a Abroad Study

Then are the top four reasons why Indian scholars wishing to study abroad should conclude to do so in the UK.

The New Visa Rules – Reason 1

After the UK government’s major communiqué, foreign scholars studying in the UK can now stay on in the UK for two times after completing their studies. Compared to the before 4 months, the two- time window gives scholars in the UK the occasion to edge their work experience in a global culture, in turn fueling careers. This will be applicable to all scholars enrolling in UK universities for the 2020-21 academic time onwards.’The new visa policy would give scholars a chance to develop their careers in an transnational business and would reconfirm the UK’s position as a world leading destination for Indian scholars’, says Tom Birtwistle, Director North, British Council India.

Get the job and career you want – Reason 2

How frequently is it that you find people saying they’re doing exactly the job they wanted? But it seems like a UK education enables exactly that. A UK degree has helped and continues to help thousands of scholars find their ideal job. According to the Indian Graduate Issues 2019 (IGO 2019) study conducted by Universities UK International (UUKi), 80 percent of Indians who are UK universities’alumni said their degree helped them get their jobs. In fact, the primary reason for their being in their current jobs was that it was exactly the kind of work they wanted. Further, 82 percent of repliers said they’re satisfied or veritably satisfied with their careers, with 89 percent being veritably satisfied with all aspects of their life. Not just this, UK exposure has helped several scholars kick- start their own businesses after coming back to India

  • There’s no mistrustfulness that an transnational exposure during education moulds scholars and makes them encyclopedically apprehensive individualities, with a possible implicit to earn advanced hires and grow briskly. The IGO 2019 reveals that 51 percent of all Indians graduating from the United Kingdom say they earn over or well above the normal in India and 90 percent of women in this group saying they earn average or above

Study in some of the worlds most famed universities – Reason 3

Four Reasons to Consider UK for a Abroad Study

United Kingdom, which is home to 28 of the top 200 universities, is presently ranked 2nd for Science and Research. As per World University Rankings 2019, four of the top ten universities of the world are in the UK. These universities do not just offer famed degrees, in fact, as per several global checks their faculties are also placed among the world’s stylish; who assure academic excellence and help in scholars’ decision- making process. It isn’t surprising thus that 38 percent of Nobel Laureates who studied abroad did so in the UK. The pupil experience in the UK is clearly a welcoming and positive one, with the IGO 2019 study revealing that 90 percent of transnational scholars are veritably satisfied with their UK education experience.

Pick from a number of literacy – Reason 4

There are over university and council courses to pick from to study in the UK. Meritorious scholars can get literacy from the university that they’re applying to. The British Council also offers several literacy in India, including British Council India 70th Anniversary Literacy, GREAT, Hornby, Commonwealth, Charles Wallace India Trust Literacy, among others. Literacy are also offered by the Government of UK. In 2018-19 alone, the UK government and British Council offered 480 literacy to Indian scholars, worth roughly£4.675 million, to Indian scholars.
Eventually, the wide transnational exposure that scholars admit while studying in the UK, not only provides them a global view but helps them make lifelong connections, in addition to jump- starting a successful career. With the modification in post study visa rules, these advantages will only strengthen.