Google Maps gets Major Update

Google being a MNC obviously has other products besides search including what is my choice for mapping software obviously Google Maps, People don’t care what platform there’re using they have use a lot of google maps.

People tend to think google maps is one of the most underrated apps, people just take it for granted, like imagine life before maps, We mean fun from an adventure standpoint of course but the youngsters don’t know the half of it, what are you talking about life before what are you saying?, like what is life before Google Maps

No it existed,  We’re talking physical maps they were there were different stages so you had physical maps at one point or you had to map books which youngsters’ dad had in the car the yellow ones remember those and it would have I guess the most current mapping that you could have in a book.

So anyway we had that and then we we moved from that to the map quest era which was you print a paper map of your trip beforehand because you weren’t going to be connected to mapping software once you left and then you got the navigation in the car which came before the uh the smartphone penetration.

So anyway google maps is the way it is right now and they’re making it even better than it’s ever been by increasing the level of street level detail in a handful of cities.

For now but increasingly this will roll out to even more cities you’re talking about enhanced graphical representation of sidewalks crosswalks pedestrian islands and street side flora.

The enhanced google maps in the central London region, Tokyo, San Francisco and New York and we’re going to see more cities jumping in there real soon this is important not just for people trying to enjoy a rich map but also for people that are uh potentially traveling in a wheelchair or with a stroller and need to know exactly what type of sidewalk ability and and path they’re about to interact with is it dirt like i need to notice detail right cool so.

That’s pretty cool you’re right