Horribly Aged Celebs With Dashing Look in Hollywood

Gerascophobia is the irrational fear of growing old. At the same time, this is something which everyone has to face. Some embrace it, some defy it, but no one can ignore it. It is not possible to maintain the beauty of the youth to prevail in your old age, but a healthy lifestyle can lead to someone ageing gracefully. Celebrities, are always under tough scrutiny, especially, for their looks. This leads them to resort to all sort of unhealthy options for maintaining their youth. However, not all have aged beautifully. Today, let us a take a look at 10 such celebrities who are almost unrecognisable from their youth self. Here’s presenting 10 gorgeous celebs who have aged horribly.

10.Prince William(35 year old)

10 Gorgeous Celebs Who Have Aged Horribly

Starting the list at number 10 is the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William. The 35-year-old Englishman oozes royalty from every breath, but the same can’t be said about the way he has aged over the years. He is now far from the quintessential “Prince Charming” look. The loss of hairline along with the face structure makes him look way older than he is, but then how does looks matter when your action speaks a thousand words?

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