How to eliminate bad smells from the sink

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There is nothing more unpleasant than entering a home kitchen and suffering the bad smells that comes from the pipes and sinks drains. There are many people who give up and do not know what to do with these smells since they are quite annoying when cooking or when doing other tasks in the kitchen itself.

Apart from that, if there is a visitor and you go to the kitchen, you may suffer and cannot stand the stench that comes out of the sink itself. To avoid this, it is advisable that you take good note of the following tips and home remedies that will help you forever to end such odors and have the pipes and drains in perfect condition.

Tricks to eliminate these bad smells

It does not matter that you are very careful and clean when cooking since grease and dirt end up embedded inside the pipes, causing a bad smell in the sink. To avoid this, you should try some of the following home remedies that I detail below:

  • The first home remedy is to mix hot water with soap to wash dishes. To do this, you must put the stopper of the sink and fill it with hot water with a splash of dish soap. Mix well with your hands’ help, and immediately afterward, the hot soapy water will go down the pipes and the drain and end the bad smells that you have in the sink.
  • If the bad smell continues to persist despite doing the previous remedy, you should go to this second remedy. In many cases, food remains are still inside the pipes, causing this problem with odors. For this remedy, you will need ice cubes, coarse salt, and a lemon. First, you must throw some ice cubes and a little coarse salt through the pipe. Ice is perfect when it comes to cleaning up the remains of food that have been left in the drain, and the coarse salt helps to finish cleaning the pipes themselves. To ensure that the odors have disappeared, you can repeat the entire operation and add a little lemon peel to make the aroma pleasant and fresh.
  • The third natural remedy to eliminate the bad odors that come from the sink is to freeze some lemon peels in a bowl full of white vinegar. The next day you can grind the resulting ice and pour it down the sink drain. Mixing the ice with the white vinegar and the lemon will help you end once and for all with the bad smells from the sink.

As you have seen, the key to avoiding the bad stench coming from the pipes is to eliminate all the remains of food embedded in the walls of the drain and make the sink smell quite bad.

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