How to Make a Macrame Hanging Chair

Macrame Hanging Chair- Although macrame in decoration is thousands of years old, it is becoming very fashionable nowadays. Perhaps this is the case due to its excellent results and its great showiness as a decorative element, but the truth is that it is also gaining a lot of popularity lately because anyone can make their own designs with a macrame. This technique is based on weaving knots or braids with a resistant material to be used, for example, with chairs, hammocks, sun loungers, or less ambitious pieces such as clothing or cushion covers.

One of the advantages of macrame is that the designs can be infinite depending on the type of knot and the drawing that you want to make, you just need to unleash creativity so that the rest flows.

Materials to make a macrame hanging chair

To build a macrame hanging chair, you will need materials that you can easily find in hardware stores, haberdashery, and home stores. Although depending on the type of thread you buy, the price will fluctuate, the final cost for all the components will be very cheap, around 30 euros. They will be used:

  • 200 meters of resistant thread. It can be made of cotton, nylon, canvas, or jute, and its diameter must be 10 millimeters. Regarding the color, you decide, you can buy it plain or in different shades, depending on the hanging chair you want to create.
  • 2 metal rings. Although you can use the measurements you prefer, one of them must be at least 20 centimeters in diameter to serve as a backrest. You can buy a 55 centimeter ring and another 70.
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