Hyperion XP-1 Hydrogen Car About to Hit The Streets!

Tech enthusiasts may remember this Hyperion XP-1 hydrogen supercar it landed in Las Vegas for

the CES show, which is happening in a very minor way because of COVID

This is the world’s first Hydrogen fuel cell supercar which of course this is a technology that we suppose aims to compete with the electric vehicles world except you can you know you can re refill it hydrogen they put out a video traveling down the strip this thing is full supercar status.

They’re gonna drive it through the desert very slowly, might I add I don’t know if this is ready, production sample or what this is but they’re just chilling coming through the desert full camo on the vehicle and they hit the strip

Everything looks really cool well this is certainly a supercar uh coming in at I think 2000 horsepower it’s kind of crazy and pretty light it’s pretty lightweight 2275 pounds because unlike an electric vehicle there’s no battery pack in there it’s using hydrogen the XP-1 has carbon fiber tanks to store hydrogen and the entire fuel cell supplies power to send power to four electric motors which one of each is on each wheel 500 horsepower at each wheel that’s 2,000 total, 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds, top speed 221 miles per hour again that’s the type of footage I’d like to see the

Other cool thing is the range you ain’t going to see a supercar with a 1016 mile range that’s 1,635 kilometers nice so road trip in your hydrogen supercar you just got to find places to get more hydrogen along the way and that certainly is not ready for prime time either way a very cool looking vehicle now you tell us in the comments.

The design of the car is also supercar like that is really unique, when the doors are down the passenger or the driver are basically stuck with a tiny window for side vision, but that is the super car status, you really have to get your head right to see out of that thing.