India Asks WhatsApp to Reverse the Policy Changes

Whatsapp privacy policy updates has been a pretty hot topic these days, India has taken a stand and is reportedly asking Whatsapp directly, “Hey just don’t do it”.

An an actual document a letter sent by India’s IT ministry straight to Whatsapp saying, “Please reconsider we don’t think this is a good idea and we might not be all that cool with you collecting this data on our 400 million citizens (That’s the number of Users).

400 Mil Users so even if they lose a handful it’s still a huge impact on all the people that are going to click to accept so you know that probably the citizenry reached out to this it minister and said hey man, “I want to keep using Whatsapp you shouldn’t let them do this go and make this stop, of course government intervenes and tries to regulation the situation.

This regulation inside these tech companies, We think that’s been talked about outside of India here elsewhere United States and so forth.

India’s government asked the firm to withdraw a proposed change that appeared to require users to share personal data with Whatsapp now when that policy change first popped.

Up obviously a number of users switched and we just talked about how signal rose it shot up in popularity in India specifically it surged 4200% in downloads for signal but that still only accounts for 2.3 million new installs in India, now 2.3 million is a lot of installs for a messenger app a company like signal it’s certainly not nothing.

However it is not that substantial compared to the 400 million users that Whatsapp already has, 2 million out of 400 million 2 million out of 400 million, Yeah!, you do the comparison you run the ratio and you’re like oh yeah now I know why the I.T. ministry reached out because they realized the customer might not actually drive this change.

Whatsapp is a platform that’s there to stay and powerful enough multinational Facebook so forth so anyway the Indian government’s trying to step in and have whatsapp withdrawal whatsapp new policy, spokesperson they’ve been saying “no no no you got this thing all wrong”.

So They don’t know if they’re going to withdraw because of this maybe they’ll make some adjustments.