Industrial Technology

The Industrial Technology Research Institute is an international-level applied research institution with 6,000 R&D leaders. Its mission is to promote industrial development, create economic value, and enhance social well-being with scientific research and development. Since its establishment in 1973, it has taken the lead in the research and development of integrated circuits and has nurtured emerging technology industries; it has accumulated nearly 30,000 patents, and has been newly created and nurtured, including TSMC, UMC, Taiwan Photomask, Epistar, Union Automation, Listed companies such as Taisheng Materials have driven waves of industry development.

Faced with the trend of population concentration in cities and aging population, when technology changes production and consumption patterns, global warming brings dramatic changes in the environment, and the urging of environmental and energy changes is imminent. The changing international situation in the post-pneumonia era makes the world Facing tests, geopolitics and national protectionism have revived, and the future of mankind is full of opportunities and challenges.

  • 2030 Technology Strategy and Blueprint

Facing opportunities and challenges, the Industrial Technology Research Institute focused on new customer values, identified new needs, and drew the “2030 Technology Strategy and Blueprint” as a solution, and planted four major intelligences: AI artificial intelligence, semiconductor chips, communications, and information security cloud. Common technology, focusing on the R&D direction of the three application areas of “Smart Life”, “Healthy Living”, and “Sustainable Environment”, using technological innovation to turn life over, market demand-oriented, developing solutions, and creating new markets to seek The well-being of human society leads the industrial society to a better future.

  • Wisdom life

Digital transformation will be an important driving force for global economic innovation. The Internet of Things and AI are ubiquitous, and life will be filled with all kinds of smart devices and services, bringing new business models, as well as faster, more convenient and smarter life. The Industrial Technology Research Institute develops three sub-fields of “personalized devices and services”, “autonomous mobile systems”, and “smart industries and services”, and is deeply involved in human-computer interaction and services. Smart imaging and perception systems, wearable devices, perception prediction, and decision-making Key projects such as control, autonomous mobile platforms. The development of smart business technology and services required for business operations, to create a new smart life, and at the same time become a key player in linking Taiwan and international technological development, creating new opportunities for business development.

  • Healthy Lohas

The super-aged society is a portrayal of the future of my country and many advanced countries. The growth of the silver-haired population will be accompanied by a sharp increase in the demand for medical care and manpower. Solutions for smart long-term care systems, personalized precision medicine, and health care models will be emerging diagnosis and treatment The market brings unlimited business opportunities. The Industrial Technology Research Institute links the advantages of Taiwan’s ICT industry and medical system, and develops into the two major sub-fields of “smart medicine” and “health care”. It is deeply engaged in smart medical electronics, regenerative medicine, pharmaceutical research and development, mobile activities, care-assisted decision-making systems, long-term care Based on key technologies such as intelligent systems, we will create a new industrial ecology of smart medical. Health care across domains, cut into the value chain of the international biomedical market, improve people’s health and well-being, use technology to delay dementia and disability, improve people’s health, and enhance care Efficiency, reduce national medical expenditures, and enhance the added value of the industry.

  • Sustainable environment

With climate change and the intensification of the greenhouse effect, facing the challenges of limited energy and resources, people need to take into account the balance of coexistence and co-prosperity with nature while pursuing technological development, so as to create a recycling system and reduce time and energy consumption. To achieve the goal of a sustainable environment by seeking green energy supply and manufacturing. The Industrial Technology Research Institute develops “circular economy”, “smart manufacturing”, “green energy system and environmental technology” and other sub-fields, deepening the development of new materials that can be recycled and reused, intelligent design and production processes and supply chain management systems, and ecological symbiosis Environmental technology and other key projects support the upgrading. Transformation of domestic manufacturing industries with recycled materials, smart manufacturing and sustainable energy, create green industry development, promote sustainable and innovative high-value industries, and create an endless future with green energy technology.

  • Smart enabling technology

Smart enabling technology is an important backing to support the development of the three diversified application areas of the “2030 Technology Strategy and Blueprint”, including AI artificial intelligence technology, semiconductor chip technology, communication technology, and information security and cloud technology to support the three diversified application areas Common requirements for AI artificial intelligence, high-performance chips, and powerful communication capabilities. At the same time, under the increasing complexity of information security threats, data privacy and data security are protected. Smart enabling technology can not only support the development of innovative systems and application services in the three major application areas, but it also becomes a technology-driven industry by itself, promoting more application possibilities, and strengthening my country’s industrial strength.

  • Industry Service

In response to the trend of the industrial environment, apart from continuing to deepen technological forward-looking and cross-field technology integration, ITRI also provides a full range of R&D cooperation and business consulting services. Including commissioned development of new technologies and new products, small-scale trial mass production, and process improvement , Inspection and measurement, as well as technology transfer, intellectual power value-added services, etc., and set up open laboratories and entrepreneurial incubation centers to actively promote and cultivate new startups, accelerate industrial technology development and nurture emerging high-tech industries.

In recent years, the Industrial Technology Research Institute has actively applied science and technology to care for social welfare. It has set up a science and technology public welfare platform with three strategic directions: science and technology application and service, science and technology education promotion, and corporate volunteering. So as to gather the power of scientific and technological people and transform R&D energy into public welfare Warm current to enhance social well-being, and strive to become a pioneer in industrial technology, and join hands with the industry to innovate and lead the future!