Instagram Blue tick

 In an effort to improve authenticity and increase trust, Instagram has finally allowed its users to implement their own accounts verified with Instagram Blue tick – but not everyone is eligible.


Instagram CTO and co-founder Mike Kraiger said in a blog post that the Facebook-owned company was taking “three important steps” to help secure its community of more than one billion users.


Instagram Blue tick includes a feature to assist people evaluate the authenticity of accounts, an improved sort of two-factor authentication to enhance security and eventually a verification badge almost like Twitter’s famous Blue Tick.


How to get Instagram Blue tick ?

Step 1: Become Qualified


Anyone hoping to get a Instagram Blue tick  from their account name must first be important enough to warrant one.


This means that you will need to be a “notable public figure, celebrity, global brand or entity”.


Typically, this means that someone with an account reaches a larger audience, although it is by no means certain how many followers one needs to qualify, or how notable a figure is.


However if it is anything like Twitter, you probably don’t need to be too important.


Step 2: Follow the rules


The next circle requires you to jump in before starting the verification process by agreeing to follow Instagram’s rules.

Instagram CTO Mike Kriger said: “To verify  an account you must follow Instagram’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.”

An abbreviated version of these rules is presented on Instagram’s Community Guidelines page: “Only post your photos and videos and always obey the law. “


Step 3: Apply for Instagram verification


The verification request form can be accessed by tapping the menu icon on your profile and selecting ‘Settings’.

At the bottom, you will get the option of ‘Request Verification’, which will take you to a page where you will be asked to fill your details.

This includes your username, your real name and a copy of your legal or business identity.


Step 4: Wait


Simply submitting a request is no guarantee that you will verify the account. It first has to go through Instagram’s review process, which is undefined as of now.


Instagram said-  “Once your request has been reviewed, you’ll receive a confirmation or decline notice of your request within the notifications tab,” 

It is worth noting that Instagram does not charge for verification, or reaches users to confirm verification. Whoever receives such requests may be the target of scamsters.