Intelligent home

With an intelligent home, you can watch your family on the go with IP cameras and sensors. If you use a smart lock, you can check and operate the lock from outside. It is convenient for preventing forgetting to call and crime prevention.

Easy operation with a smartphone using the dedicated app. Furthermore, you can also operate using LINE.

  • Watching over your child:

This is a service that informs parents who are both working and worried about their child’s return home. When the sensor detects your child’s return home, you will be notified to your registered email address. You can also connect to the camera in the house to see how your child is playing, so it’s very safe.

  • Watching over pets:

This service allows you to freely watch your pet by connecting it to your IP camera in your house while you are out. You can rest assured that you will be away from home when you go out for an emergency.

  • Watching over parents:

It is possible to easily monitor the house of an elderly family living away by attaching a sensor. When the toilet door does not open for a certain period even though you are not out, or when the sensor does not detect the movement of a person for a certain period, such as an inactive state where motion is not detected, an email is sent to your family. We encourage early contact opportunities and realize a safe life even when you are away.

  • Measures for suspicious persons at home:

When a suspicious person invades, the sensor in the house reacts and notifies you when you are out. In the house, the TV automatically starts up and emits an alarm with the screen and sound. (For “It’s Com TV Push” contract)

  • The photo is for illustrative purposes only.
  • Safe and convenient electronic lock:

With the remote lock management function, you can easily check the open / closed state of your home door, so you can rest assured.

  • The smart lock may not be installed depending on the type and shape of the door. It is necessary to confirm whether it can be installed before installation.
  • Control air conditioner and lighting:

OK Google turn on the air conditioner!

To adjust the temperature in the living room, just say “Turn on the air conditioner”. You can also control the comfort of the room with your voice.

OK Google turn off the lights in the children’s room!

Just say a word to turn on the lights.

You can easily turn the lights on and off even when you can’t take your hands off.

  • To operate Intelligent Home with Google Home, the initial settings of Google Home are required.
  • Usage fee

To use “Intelligent Home”, “Intelligent Home Basic Usage Fee”, “Intelligent Home Gateway Fee” (only for the first time when purchasing), and “Device Rental Fee” will be incurred.

  • By construction cost
  • In addition to the above amount, a contract handling fee of 3,000 yen (excluding tax) will be charged as an initial cost.
  • Intelligent home gateway is guaranteed for 24 months when purchased.

Free customization function according to the purpose

Intelligent Home allows you to freely set rules according to your purpose.

A major feature of “Intelligent Home” is that you can freely customize the service according to the purpose of the customer and combine multiple devices you need. With detailed settings such as camera, sensor, key, email transmission, and individual operating time, you can create a new lifestyle that is safer and more convenient than ever before.

  • Setting example 1: When the front door opens from 15:00 to 16:00 on weekdays according to the child’s return time, send an email to the set address.
  • Setting example 2: If the door does not open for a certain period even though you should be at home, send an email to the set address.
  • Setting example 3: If the motion sensor responds while you are away from home, send an email to the set address.
  • Setting example 4: When you lock the door when you are busy commuting, the air conditioner and lighting that you set the rules for are turned off.
  • Precautions when using the service
  • Depending on the signal strength, it may not be possible to install the device at the desired installation location.
  • Keep the intelligent home gateway always turned on. Unplugging the power will significantly reduce the battery life of the connected device.
  • The intelligent home gateway must be connected to the Internet with the power on all the time. The service cannot be used in the event of an internet connection failure or power outage.
  • Some or all services may not be available during system maintenance.
  • Please do not move the device by yourself. If you move the device, it may affect the signal strength and may not operate normally.
  • If you go through a router owned by the customer, we will not support connection problems.
  • Since the sensor terminal is double-sided tape and screwed, screw holes and tape peeling marks will remain after cancellation and removal.
  • If the battery of a battery-powered device runs out, you are requested to replace the battery yourself. In the case of paid support, a business trip technical fee of 5,000 yen (excluding tax) + battery replacement fee will be incurred.
  • Depending on the upload speed of the Internet, the live image of the camera may be interrupted or dropped frames may occur.