Jeff Bezos (CEO and Founder of Amazon) Space Company Blue Origin getting ready to send people to Space Pretty Soon!!

Jeff Bezos blue origin is getting real close to flying passengers to space, talking about April.

Space Tourism you’re going to go for a flight quite interesting.

Blue Origin completed the 14th test flight on its new Shepard rocket booster and capsule everything’s going well it’s working as planned it’s one of these things where it goes it takes off it lands.

You know just like the stuff elon’s working on as well they’re kind of competing with each other for who’s gonna figure this one out first although 

Spacex(Elon’s Space Company) is as worried about passengers right now that’s more Virgin galactic they’re working on that as well. 

The flight was the first of two stable configuration test flights people familiar with blue origins plans told officials that stable configuration means that the company’s plans.

To avoid making major changes between this flight and the next so it’s like basically if everything goes perfectly, they’re good to go.

The Cabin looks like it’s comfy, but in Space Travel Safety is the thing even the Rich People look for.

Actually you sit there for a little bit though okay this is designed to carry

people on rides past the edge of space your altitude is going to be 340,000 feet which is more than 100 kilometers then you’re gonna spend several minutes in zero gravity before returning to earth. 

Several minutes in zero gravity fun that’s gonna be cool massive windows will give you a view and then the rockets and the capsules are going to be reusable when you come back down. 

We don’t know if people are gonna be on board with this quickly, they will take their own time and sink this kind news and then decide whether to go for it or not.

And obviously the world is weird right now when it comes to any type of tourism but that’s a futuristic attraction yeah so quick a quick one up to zero gravity for a bit imagine the view.