Macbook Rumors for 2021–Every Rumor Analyzed

 Mark Gurmann has been most trusted source of information when it come to Apple, and their products.

As when it comes to Apple, they have been pretty secretive about themselves and their products
They even have only one or two tweets in a year. When it comes to Apple and their future plans, Mark Gurmann has been pretty good and trustable.
Mark Gurmann talked about 2021 plans for the Big Company and shocked a lott of us.
This year was huge for Apple in terms of Apple Silicon with their M1 Chips lineup.
Apple has confirmed that they will be bringing Apple silicon to their entire Macbook Lineup.
Mark Gurmann talked about a 14 inch and a 16 inch Macbook Pro with an upgraded version of Apple Silicon Chip.

This means the entire design would have a noticeable change that would include:-
  • Bigger Screen
    • With Apple finally going with 14 inch size and 16 inch size, the display will also reflect some changes and probably be a redesign, and rumor suggests that a square like design.

  • More Ports(Yeah, It’s True)
    • With the redesign coming in and Apple is considering to increase the number of ports but nothing you would find in a normal Windows Laptop.
    • More Thunderbolt Ports and maybe a SD Card reader for professional lineup or even a HDMI port.

  • Thinner Bezels
    • With the redesign coming in, this will be must given feature that we will se and pretty common also these days.

  • Micro LED(Not Sure)
    • Apple’s current Macbook’s Display are really good and are at top of the line, but they have been using it for a long time and needs some changes, Micro LED might be a option Apple just might consider and enlighten us.

  • Mag Safe
    • Apple just removed Charging brick from the iPhone 12 lineup and introduced a Magsafe (magnetic Wireless Charger), Apple is very good with their Ecosystem features, So we can expect Magsafe in the new Macs, and Their Old and gold feature of magnetic charger will also be back.

  • No Touch Bar
    • Touchbar was not liked by everyone and most of the people just found it annoying and disturbing, Apple has been listening to them and finally made the decision of removing them and returning to the all good physical keys and the keyboard will be the same that is the scissor mechanism keys and the industry leading Trackpad.