Samsung’s New Beast Blade Bezel

Samsung just unveiled their new beast, the Blade Bezel Laptop. 

Take a look how aggressive that is the the bezel barely there it’s a 93 percent screen to body ratio on a laptop now maybe this image kind of accentuates it.

You’re going to have an OLED display on there which is also very nice and it’s going to be lighter weight because of it and it’s probably the technology that allows for it for the entire package to be so slim and that slim bezel the other thing.

They did they had to hide the camera under the display so it’s an invisible camera hole they call it under panel camera this is the thing we’ve seen in smartphones probably gonna see it sometime soon in a Samsung smartphone.

S series that’s 22 or something where they’ll actually pack the camera under the display because they’re playing around with the idea on this new blade bezel is that what they’re calling it blade bezel which is interesting because, Razer has the blade laptop anyway crazy thin crazy light and the whole lid is display.

Now we don’t know when this thing actually ships of course this is part of CES 2021. 

They say it’s 50 thinner than conventional laptops they reduce the width uh from 2.1 millimeter to 1 millimeter, that’s the display portion one of the lightest laptops within Samsung’s catalog 30 lighter than laptops of the same size so that’s something to look forward to out of south Korea