Tips for caring for jewelry and other silverware

Silver jewelry is all the rage. Utensils made of silver are also enjoying great popularity again. But if you take grandma’s old silver cutlery out of the drawer or want to borrow mom’s silver chain, you will quickly face a major challenge:

Silver tends to tarnish, becomes unsightly dark and blotchy. For this reason, high-quality silver jewelry and silver goods are coated with a thin layer of rhodium or clear lacquer, which prevents the metal from tarnishing.

However, these protective layers wear off with frequent wear or normal use, and the problem of tarnished silver will still exist sooner or later.

That’s why silver tarnishes …

The reason is the so-called sulphidation – the noble metal reacts with the hydrogen sulfide from the air. This creates a thin layer of silver sulfide, which takes away the natural shine of the metal.

The brownish-black discolorations are absolutely harmless to health, but of course, they look anything but beautiful.

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