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Twitter has resumed the public verification program with some significant changes. The company called the program “arbitrary” and “misleading”.

What does a blue tick mean next to your profile? A primary understanding is that the profile is ‘valid’ and not an impersonator. While the general purpose may remain to help create this goal, it has been extensively misused to promote some better species on social media.  Naturally, many smell a bias and opacity in the process – something that a critical Twitter faced for some time.

In 2017, the public verification program had to be halted after Twitter was deemed “arbitrary” and “confusing” by many. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said in a rare admission that the process was “broken”. 

Nearly four years later, Twitter is back with a verification program. This time, the social networking platform has made some significant changes to the program – those who can apply, who may lose their blue badges, and more.

Twitter publicly sought feedback and to make it more representative of the needs of people using Twitter, and we incorporated some of the feedback we received into our final policy. Our new draft policy includes some key callouts:

– Clear definitions for what the blue verified badge means and how it can be obtained

– Criteria for automatically debiting an account if it is inactive or profile is incomplete

– grounds for denying verification of ineligible accounts, such as parodies and fan accounts or those involved in violence or associated with violence, ”a Twitter spokesperson told HT Tech.

Twitter states that an account must be notable and active in order to be verified. To begin, Twitter is going to verify the following:

1) Government

2) Companies, brands and non-profit organizations

3) News organizations and journalists

4) entertainment

5) Sports and exports

6) Activists, organizers and other influential people

“This new policy is the beginning of our work to make verification more clear and more equitable. Fixing the current asymmetry is a priority for us, and seeking public comment before introducing this policy was the first step to developing a more equitable approach to verification, especially when it comes to historically marginalized groups on Twitter Comes, ”the spokesperson said.

As previously stated, there are chances of losing blue badges of some accounts.

“If their account becomes inactive or incomplete, or if they are no longer in the position they were initially verified to be – such as an elected government official who steps down, they may lose their badge (@handle ). And they do not meet Twitter’s criteria for verification. The spokesman said the service could remove blue badges from accounts found to be in serious or repeated violations of Twitter rules.

It is an easy guess that Twitter will soon be swamped with verification requests. The company has established a global support team that will be responsible for implementing this new policy and spoiling eligible individuals for verification. It will use both automated and human review processes to complete the process.

“Twitter’s plan is to use both automated and human review processes to ensure that applications are reviewed automatically,” the spokesperson said. It also plans to give users the option of sharing demographic information after completing the new verification application so that it can better measure and improve the equity of the verification process.

Asked whether Twitter would consider the nature of a user’s posts before verifying them, the spokesperson said: “Twitter uses a mix of internal signals to evaluate the authenticity of a given account’s followers and engagement count. Uses. The service assesses a range of signals associated with third-party public resources presented in support of applications for verification (such as how they were recently updated) to detect fraud subdivisions. “

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