Vehicle Wireless Charger

It is convenient to charge your smartphone wirelessly. Especially if you can charge the smartphone at the same time you get in the car and put the smartphone in the holder, you do not have to worry about running out of charge. There is no hassle of wires. There is a unified standard called Qi for wireless charging, and smartphone companies are also selling compatible models.

The wireless charger has different charging compatible W depending on the type of smartphone. Normal charging that can be charged with any model is 5W, but for quick charging, 7.5W for iPhone and 10w for Android are required.

Qi compatible smartphone

  • Compatible smartphone
  • iPhone8 and above models
  • Galaxy Note8 / S9 +, Xperia XZ2 Premium, Xperia XZ2, Pixel 3 and many more

Charging speed

This was common to all manufacturers pushing for fast Qi charging.

Output: Qi compatible 7.5W ~ 10W

Compatible models

Most manufacturers support other Qi compatible models from the new lineup of iPhone and Galaxy. However, on rare occasions, there were manufacturers that supported the old series of iPhone 4 ~ 7 Plus and Samsung.

Older iPhone series may not support Qi, so it is recommended to check once before purchasing.


Looking at the reviews, there were opinions that the smartphone fell or that it was not stable when the smartphone was tilted sideways.

Good charger stability Among them, its own electromagnetic induction coil using the excellent stability and rapid Qi charging has been achieved.

There were reviews of smartphones falling on products that have a fall-prevention cooperation arm grip or a silicon cushion built into the catch part of the smartphone holder.

Operability when the engine is off

When the car engine is off quite important most drivers will remove their smartphone from the holder while driving because they are listening to music or using the navigation system. It will stop at the parking lot and then be removed.

In that case, even if you accidentally turn off the car engine first, you should buy a type with a built-in battery so that you can remove the smartphone. It’s a hassle to turn off the engine and start it again to remove the smartphone.

Major features

  • Automatic opening and closing (easy installation)
  • Many types of installation locations (dashboard, windshield, air conditioner outlet)
  • [Qi compatible] Quick charge model with output up to 10W
  • Original electromagnetic induction
  • Outstanding stability due to the coil
  • Operation when the engine is off (with built-in battery)
  • 360 ° freely adjustable angle

Price you care about?

The Amazon price is 37 to 38 $, which is a little higher than other in-vehicle holder wireless chargers.

However, it has a 5-star rating on Amazon and has received over 600 customer reviews in 2020!

Good Point

  • Convenient to open automatically just by bringing the phone closer
  • Equipped with a super capacitor, it automatically opens and closes for a short time even if the car engine is turned off.
  • It’s easy because everything from mounting the iPhone to charging and removing is completed with one hand.
  • Since the button when dismounting is a touch sensor, there is no need to press the button
  • The maximum output is 10W and it supports the fast charging 7.5W output of iPhone, so charging is fast.
  • Wireless charging International standard Qi certification has been obtained, so you can use it with confidence
  • Since the suction cup sticks firmly, it does not come off due to the vibration of the car and there is a sense of stability
  • Since the arm part can adjust the angle and length, you can bring your phone to your favorite place
  • Since you can mount and charge the phone at the same time, you can use the car navigation app without worrying about battery consumption.
  • Since the accessory has a clip that can be attached to the air conditioner air outlet, it can be attached even in a narrow car.