VR headset “HP Reverb G2 Headset”

The VR headset ” HP Reverb G2 Headset “, which HP claims to have the highest resolution in the world, was announced in May this year (2020). The release has been delayed a little, and it is said that the direct sales site will start selling in mid-January 2021.

 This machine is equipped with an extremely high resolution of 2,160 x 2,160 dots per eye, an inside-out sensor that does not require an external tracking sensor, and a 6DoF compatible controller.

This machine is jointly developed by HP, Valve, and Microsoft. Valve has SteamVR and Microsoft has Windows MR, and there is a guarantee that they will definitely support them.

SteamVR environment is ready soon

First of all, from the setup. Take the headset out of the box and connect one side of the included 6m cable to the headset. Next, connect the DisplayPort terminal and USB Type-C terminal on the other side of the cable to your computer (a conversion adapter for Mini DisplayPort and USB Type-A is also included). Then connect the power cable to the unit in the middle of the cable.

This completes the connection around the headset. On the computer side, the Windows MR application starts automatically and the initial settings start.

The hardware checksrun first. It is checked whether the CPU, video card, memory, disk area, etc. are compatible, but there is a Bluetooth item at the end. The controller of this unit has a Bluetooth connection and cannot be used unless the personal computer supports Bluetooth. In a hurry, pull out the Bluetooth adapter that you do not normally use and connect it.

Since the controller is a Bluetooth device, pairing settings are required. The method is very easy to understand because it is instructed by the application side with illustrations.

In addition, the manufacturer’s product page states that the controller has been pre-synchronized with the headset via Bluetooth, but it seems that the pairing may have been lost.

Next is the space setting for VR. It is a function to set the size of the room in advance so that it will not hit the wall or objects when the surroundings are not visible when using VR. In terms of work, hold the headset in your hand and walk around the movable range with the headset pointing toward your computer (which is more correct to think of as a display). This traces the range of movement and sets the boundaries.

After deciding whether to use the voice recognition function using the built-in microphone, the setup is completed. You don’t even have to install the device driver yourself. With the HTC Vive, the setup was pretty tough, including the challenge of installing an external tracking sensor, so it’s super easy to think about.

When you launch the SteamVR app again, the Windows MR app will launch first, and after running the headset, SteamVR will launch. The headset screen showed the usual SteamVR home.

Glasses are also OK. Comfortable fit even when used for a long time

When installing this machine, first peel off the left and right hook-and-loop fasteners on the side and extend the rear part. Next, put the face mask of the headset on your face and pull the left and right hook-and-loop fasteners to bring the rear part into close contact. There is also a hook-and-loop fastener on the top of the head, which allows you to adjust the wearing depth.

In particular, there is plenty of room on the left and right, and the glasses are not pressed so much while wearing them, so there is almost no chance that the glasses will slip off and be put on again from the headset.

The sound is played from the speakers next to the ears. Since it is a type that does not stick to the ears, sound will lead to the outside, but it is comfortable with a feeling of openness. The sound quality is reasonable, and games and videos can be used without any discomfort.

The face mask and the back are made of highly cushioned material, which allows the face to be sandwiched from the front and back. Thanks to that, the fit is very good. The weight of about 500g excluding the cable is not light, but thanks to the good hold, there is little discomfort even when wearing it for a long time. Especially since there is a cushion on the back,it is a good impression that there is very little feeling of tightening the head.

The cushion part that comes into contact with the skin is made of a soft and silky cloth. Since the season is winter, the effect of sweat is small, but there is no feeling of heat buildup in the contact area, and it feels good on the skin.

It is unavoidable that it has a certain weight, but it is well covered with a feeling of wearing so as not to make it feel. Especially for those who are expected to use it continuously for a long time, it should be a great benefit.

Wake up your favorite VR app again with the world’s highest resolution

You can experience the feeling of entering the space of 360-degree 3D photos taken by Google using a special camera. The image of this work is very beautiful, but I felt that the resolution was a little insufficient with “HTC Vive”.

If you look at it immediately, it’s just as you would expect. The characteristic is the cockpit photo of the Space Shuttle Discovery. The reality is overwhelmingly visible, with the slightest drowsiness of the myriad of switches clearly visible.

The fact that you can’t see the dots reduces the part that makes you feel digital, and makes you feel closer to seeing the real world. Video content such as “Welcome to Light Fields” is much more realistic.

However, the viewing angle does not change so much. The feeling of looking at the world through round glasses is still the same, and that remains a sense of discomfort in VR video content. By the way, the viewing angle of this unit is 114 degrees, and the “HTC Vive” is 110 degrees, so it may have improved a little.

Next is the VR game ” The Lab ” produced by Valve. Think of the controller as a space fighter, shoot and destroy enemies appearing from all sides of the field, and evade enemy bullets with your hand movements.

In this work, there are many scenes where the controller is moved quickly or moved up, down, left, and right.

It recognizes even the slightest movement of the controller, and even if it shakes up, down, left, and right, it follows correctly. By installing two tracking cameras on the front and one on the left and right sides, it seems that the left and right tracking is particularly high.

The two controllers are separated for the right hand and the left hand. It is necessary to confirm whether it is for left or right when using it, but thanks to the shape that matches the shape of the hand, it can be gripped firmly. Thanks to that, the operation of the analog stick operated with the thumb is also comfortable. In addition, the center of gravity is on the handle, and the tip is light regardless of the appearance, so the burden on the hand is small even with vigorous movement.

The third is a media player. There are various images such as 360-degree camera photos taken personally and ordinary 2D videos.

For video content, a VR headset that operates standalone is lighter and more suitable for viewing, but this unit has the advantage of higher resolution and can be read directly from a computer, so there is no hassle. As expected, 2D videos can be viewed on the display without wearing a 500g headset, but it may be a good way to change your mood.

It’s not just the resolution! Easy to use that you can’t tell from the specs

The high resolution of this unit tends to be seen as a selling point, but the impression changes when you try it all. Each part is very well made, and the degree of perfection is very high in terms of both software and hardware, from setup to fit. Especially for those who have an old-fashioned VR headset like me, the value of this machine should be well understood.

Not only as an upgrade path from the old VR headset, but also for those who have never used VR on a computer before. The fact that it is definitely compatible with Windows MR and SteamVR is also very safe as a VR headset for PC.